Thursday, August 20, 2009

So, what was gearing up to be a super mega crappola day actually turned out pretty good, in the grand scale of life. Let it be said that I never put much faith in the wide-eyed, pollyanna dimple-poking, always-look-on-the-sunny-side attitude. But I AM starting to learn how not to let myself fall under the wheels of my own moroseness (morosity? probably not a word, but I like it anyway), or dwell on the inevitability of jerks. So rather than walking around the house, muttering obscenities about my solopsistic neighbors, I went out, ate what counts as a bagel in upstate NY , and got myself a small spot at a new store--Willow and Brown in Livingston Manor, NY. It's slick and gleaming, and owned by somebody so very cool and stylish that I feel like a crocheted toilet paper cosie when standing next to her. But she likes my work, and that makes me feel pretty damned good, consarnit.

I also got a lovely mention on the Handmade Unique blog, as well as from the Girlie Girl Army AND Aardvark Silver. So, (eyelash flutter, hairlock twirl) it's been a good day after all.

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