Thursday, September 3, 2009

The next generation of Living Jewelry---Ecosystems. A little river water, a little sand, a water plant, and a snail. Let's see what happens.


Jane said...


I'm Jane.I've just found your work on Etsy and I'm totally blown away!I love it,well done!I started silversmithing a year ago and have become totally addicted to it,though at the moment it's just a hobby for me,but one that I'd love to develop into something bigger soon.I'm really into breaking boundaries and seeing and creating things differently so I really love your work,it's such a breath of fresh air.It really stopped me in my tracks.

I've read back over your blog posts and was really impressed how you acted on your power blackout epiphany and amazed by your porch experience.I hope it's left only the positive lingerings.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hi.

Jane Kavanagh

Bird House Studios said...

Hello There! I caught your ad on The Little Black Box and had to check out your site. I have recently become afflicted with the desire to bend every piece of silverware I can find!! I guess it is not an unusual malady; maybe there is a support group around here! Anyways, great site, great stuff and wanted to share this listing with you;

Jen said...

Oh my god, Jane, I totally get where you are. I started silversmithing after going to a Maurice Sendak lecture at the 92nd St. Y. At the time, I was still a stage manager, and looking for something more in my life, and while waiting for the lecture to start, I was reading the 92Y catalogue. When I hit the section on "beginner jewelry, soldering and basic metalwork," I literally BURST into tears.
There it was: something more. Just like that.

I would love to see what you're working on and help feed your addiction any way I can.

Jen said...

Hi Birdhouse,
Yeah, I'm not the first, nor will I be the last who bends forks for a living. I love your link--it's just adorable--and kind of inspires me to create a line of drawer pulls.

If you need any pointers in your own endeavors to bend, I'm more than happy to help.